Monday, 19 July 2010


Since ive come back from Lincoln. The days seem to merge all into one.

Been trying to find an organization to do charity work. Hopefully il be away for 4 weeks. I have not yet decided on how i want to help. working with children, building schools and houses, animal conservation, marine conservation or amazon conservation.

So stuck right now. But the organizations ive been looking at are nonprofitable.

Gapforce is amazing, so uim hoping to go with them.

I want to be more green and to make a change.

I think we all need to give something back. dosnt mean it has to be donating money, but to take time out of our busy lives and help people that are less fortunate.

Ive seen poverty in my home village in Thailand. My parents took their friends to the village and i think they got the culture shock. There's no easy way of getting around unless you know someone or can speak thai that can show you around or get you to places you wanna go. They dont have easy necessities like we have here at a touch of a button, i mean you cant shop online for things or get your food shopping delivered.

These exotic destinations arnt just pretty city lights and sandy beaches. There's always a different side and those who shun or chose to not acknowledge that. Those are the people i feel sorry for.

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