Monday, 12 July 2010

foals. late i know

So i went to foals itunes fest gig at the roundhouse last sunday.
i was accompanied by super fan and one of my closest friends demi abbott.

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The show opened with two door cinema club, who were pretty good.
They got everyone dancing and singing along which brought an upbeat atmosphere ready for foals to begin.

Foals were absolutely amazing. They mixed the show with old and new songs from their 2 albums.

Blue blood performed live was to die for.

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At the end of the evening me and demi waited for the guys to come out. We first met walter whos a total babe. he was on his way out to meet his brother at a pub down the road from the round house. He is genuinely my favorite foals memeber. So so polite and eager to talk.

Sadly we missed the other guys, well so we thought, and on our way back to a cab company me and demi, well demi spotted yannis with his friend. Demi met yannis which made her night. he even remembered her! so awesome.

we were late for our train and had to wait at liverpool street till 5.23am for our train back to colchester then the long drive back to ipswich.

that night waxs worth being late. i didnt know it at the time when i was in tears at liverpool street station mcdonalds. i made a scene. NOT GOOD.

but my lovely demi put up with my mood swings and hanged in there like a champ and staying positive:)

TTFN, Anne xx

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