Monday, 19 July 2010

Back from lincoln

So i got back from Lincoln last week Thursday.

Had the best time ever, just chilling out, going for meals, meeting Rachels friends and going to the cinema.

Also saw eclipse on my break away. Oh how i love the surreal world. such an amazing book and i think the director and cast did it justice.
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Il put some photos up of my break away soon, most of its of the canals and boats and Lincoln university as the town was so much hustle and bustle that i couldnt really take decent pictures.

Got to admit the northerners are pretty cool;, well the ones ive met so far.

Being home is good, miss my fam and lovers.

But general people got me down when i came home. But not to fret its improving.

Would of had a massive photo session whilst in linclon but didnt wanna bore my friend and the weather was shit to get my camera out.

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