Monday, 19 July 2010


I wish we were in a time were chivalry wasnt dead.

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A time where men court women and respected them and their values.
Now a days what do you get? when your on a night out you meet a guy probably drunk with his mates, asking for a snog or a grope, sometimes they dont ask they do. what type of men are those?

And how women have changed as well. Some times you see women so desperate to be loved or liked, to do anything for a guy to want them or stay with them.

I think personally some women have gotten pathetic, clingy and so under confident.

In the times of the 1920's, 30's and 40s women embraced their curves and were so confident and independent.

I think theres still a majority of women who have the same principles as women in that time and thank god we do.

I hope theres still men out there who are like those of the early 1920s and so on


Since ive come back from Lincoln. The days seem to merge all into one.

Been trying to find an organization to do charity work. Hopefully il be away for 4 weeks. I have not yet decided on how i want to help. working with children, building schools and houses, animal conservation, marine conservation or amazon conservation.

So stuck right now. But the organizations ive been looking at are nonprofitable.

Gapforce is amazing, so uim hoping to go with them.

I want to be more green and to make a change.

I think we all need to give something back. dosnt mean it has to be donating money, but to take time out of our busy lives and help people that are less fortunate.

Ive seen poverty in my home village in Thailand. My parents took their friends to the village and i think they got the culture shock. There's no easy way of getting around unless you know someone or can speak thai that can show you around or get you to places you wanna go. They dont have easy necessities like we have here at a touch of a button, i mean you cant shop online for things or get your food shopping delivered.

These exotic destinations arnt just pretty city lights and sandy beaches. There's always a different side and those who shun or chose to not acknowledge that. Those are the people i feel sorry for.

Take a deeper look

Back from lincoln

So i got back from Lincoln last week Thursday.

Had the best time ever, just chilling out, going for meals, meeting Rachels friends and going to the cinema.

Also saw eclipse on my break away. Oh how i love the surreal world. such an amazing book and i think the director and cast did it justice.
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Il put some photos up of my break away soon, most of its of the canals and boats and Lincoln university as the town was so much hustle and bustle that i couldnt really take decent pictures.

Got to admit the northerners are pretty cool;, well the ones ive met so far.

Being home is good, miss my fam and lovers.

But general people got me down when i came home. But not to fret its improving.

Would of had a massive photo session whilst in linclon but didnt wanna bore my friend and the weather was shit to get my camera out.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Benjamin Carr Illustration

So i know this guy, well hes my friend Benjamin Carr.

He's a pretty cool illustrator. Ive known him for too long but cuz hes cool i kept him on as a friend. JOKE.

Any ways check out his cool stuff. Hes already published a book and hes going to publish another. will let you know when its all done and ready.
But from what ive seen so far of the new book. one word describes it. AMAZING. Not alot of talent comes from Ipswich but hes one of those few.

Ben if your reading this dont laugh at me :)

Please visit his site


I am off.

Off to Lincoln with my friend Rachel.
I guess i need to get away and Rachel being a good friend offered to go to her flat in Lincoln for a couple days.

I cant say I'm not excited because i am. I love my home town but it gets so familiar and dull sometimes. Going away does people good to miss what they have? yeah i think so.

I'll upload pictures of my road trip and my staying in Lincoln when I'm back on the 15th.

TTFN,Anne xx

foals. late i know

So i went to foals itunes fest gig at the roundhouse last sunday.
i was accompanied by super fan and one of my closest friends demi abbott.

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The show opened with two door cinema club, who were pretty good.
They got everyone dancing and singing along which brought an upbeat atmosphere ready for foals to begin.

Foals were absolutely amazing. They mixed the show with old and new songs from their 2 albums.

Blue blood performed live was to die for.

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At the end of the evening me and demi waited for the guys to come out. We first met walter whos a total babe. he was on his way out to meet his brother at a pub down the road from the round house. He is genuinely my favorite foals memeber. So so polite and eager to talk.

Sadly we missed the other guys, well so we thought, and on our way back to a cab company me and demi, well demi spotted yannis with his friend. Demi met yannis which made her night. he even remembered her! so awesome.

we were late for our train and had to wait at liverpool street till 5.23am for our train back to colchester then the long drive back to ipswich.

that night waxs worth being late. i didnt know it at the time when i was in tears at liverpool street station mcdonalds. i made a scene. NOT GOOD.

but my lovely demi put up with my mood swings and hanged in there like a champ and staying positive:)

TTFN, Anne xx