Friday, 11 June 2010

Peter Templeman

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So i read my friend Peter Templemans first draft of his script called 'Behind Faces'

It's about this girl, who has a crazy ass friend, the crazy ass friend dose something totally stupid to save her from this guy. Then they try to cover it up.

The cover it up, then she crazy ass friend takes the girl home, telling her to forget.
the friend gets caught by someone and the tables turn.

The main girl goes totally off the wall and does something that she shouldn't have done.......

My opinion on the script is it has a lot of potential.

Just with a little more direction in some places such as direction of emotions/physical adaptation needs to be added to give the atmosphere it needed.

I'll give a more in depth review on his final draft. I'm not totally sure if i was even allowed to tell you the story line or not but i gave a short description on what its about.

Hopefully he'll be filming soon.

I am Tilly, the main female lead. which will be fun amongst the other things I'll be doing... so watch this

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TTFN, Anne xx

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