Thursday, 10 June 2010

Oh what a night

So tonight i went for dinner with the lovely demiitea.

Mizu was so yum. cant go wrong with Japanese food. just hope i don't get food poisoning this time.

Talked about Foals of course.

Can not wait to see them in November, but i hope to be seeing them in July at the itunes festival.

I'll try my hardest to interview them this time, as i met them with Demi last time at the Cambridge junction.

Our 'The Hills' and 'The City' conversation tonight was indeed the best.
Cant go wrong with a bit of fashion, drama and gorgeous guys.

Later tonight I'm reviewing my good friend Peter Templeman's first ever script.
I'll write up about it as soon as i am finished.

The brief outline of the story is a girl who kills a guy and has to cover up her actions. Its intertwined with the growing up and trying to find herself.

Any ways I'll update soon. so keep tuned.

TTFN, Anne xx

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