Monday, 19 July 2010


I wish we were in a time were chivalry wasnt dead.

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A time where men court women and respected them and their values.
Now a days what do you get? when your on a night out you meet a guy probably drunk with his mates, asking for a snog or a grope, sometimes they dont ask they do. what type of men are those?

And how women have changed as well. Some times you see women so desperate to be loved or liked, to do anything for a guy to want them or stay with them.

I think personally some women have gotten pathetic, clingy and so under confident.

In the times of the 1920's, 30's and 40s women embraced their curves and were so confident and independent.

I think theres still a majority of women who have the same principles as women in that time and thank god we do.

I hope theres still men out there who are like those of the early 1920s and so on


Since ive come back from Lincoln. The days seem to merge all into one.

Been trying to find an organization to do charity work. Hopefully il be away for 4 weeks. I have not yet decided on how i want to help. working with children, building schools and houses, animal conservation, marine conservation or amazon conservation.

So stuck right now. But the organizations ive been looking at are nonprofitable.

Gapforce is amazing, so uim hoping to go with them.

I want to be more green and to make a change.

I think we all need to give something back. dosnt mean it has to be donating money, but to take time out of our busy lives and help people that are less fortunate.

Ive seen poverty in my home village in Thailand. My parents took their friends to the village and i think they got the culture shock. There's no easy way of getting around unless you know someone or can speak thai that can show you around or get you to places you wanna go. They dont have easy necessities like we have here at a touch of a button, i mean you cant shop online for things or get your food shopping delivered.

These exotic destinations arnt just pretty city lights and sandy beaches. There's always a different side and those who shun or chose to not acknowledge that. Those are the people i feel sorry for.

Take a deeper look

Back from lincoln

So i got back from Lincoln last week Thursday.

Had the best time ever, just chilling out, going for meals, meeting Rachels friends and going to the cinema.

Also saw eclipse on my break away. Oh how i love the surreal world. such an amazing book and i think the director and cast did it justice.
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Il put some photos up of my break away soon, most of its of the canals and boats and Lincoln university as the town was so much hustle and bustle that i couldnt really take decent pictures.

Got to admit the northerners are pretty cool;, well the ones ive met so far.

Being home is good, miss my fam and lovers.

But general people got me down when i came home. But not to fret its improving.

Would of had a massive photo session whilst in linclon but didnt wanna bore my friend and the weather was shit to get my camera out.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Benjamin Carr Illustration

So i know this guy, well hes my friend Benjamin Carr.

He's a pretty cool illustrator. Ive known him for too long but cuz hes cool i kept him on as a friend. JOKE.

Any ways check out his cool stuff. Hes already published a book and hes going to publish another. will let you know when its all done and ready.
But from what ive seen so far of the new book. one word describes it. AMAZING. Not alot of talent comes from Ipswich but hes one of those few.

Ben if your reading this dont laugh at me :)

Please visit his site


I am off.

Off to Lincoln with my friend Rachel.
I guess i need to get away and Rachel being a good friend offered to go to her flat in Lincoln for a couple days.

I cant say I'm not excited because i am. I love my home town but it gets so familiar and dull sometimes. Going away does people good to miss what they have? yeah i think so.

I'll upload pictures of my road trip and my staying in Lincoln when I'm back on the 15th.

TTFN,Anne xx

foals. late i know

So i went to foals itunes fest gig at the roundhouse last sunday.
i was accompanied by super fan and one of my closest friends demi abbott.

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The show opened with two door cinema club, who were pretty good.
They got everyone dancing and singing along which brought an upbeat atmosphere ready for foals to begin.

Foals were absolutely amazing. They mixed the show with old and new songs from their 2 albums.

Blue blood performed live was to die for.

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At the end of the evening me and demi waited for the guys to come out. We first met walter whos a total babe. he was on his way out to meet his brother at a pub down the road from the round house. He is genuinely my favorite foals memeber. So so polite and eager to talk.

Sadly we missed the other guys, well so we thought, and on our way back to a cab company me and demi, well demi spotted yannis with his friend. Demi met yannis which made her night. he even remembered her! so awesome.

we were late for our train and had to wait at liverpool street till 5.23am for our train back to colchester then the long drive back to ipswich.

that night waxs worth being late. i didnt know it at the time when i was in tears at liverpool street station mcdonalds. i made a scene. NOT GOOD.

but my lovely demi put up with my mood swings and hanged in there like a champ and staying positive:)

TTFN, Anne xx

Sunday, 20 June 2010

love love love hareem

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This is mt favorite trend stable this year.
The tailored but baggy hareems are so bang on. The color is so right for this season.
The shoes with the white socks, is kinda hint of geek meets cheek to make it look like its not such a serious outfit that shes having fun with it. im in love with this right now.

i have a pair but their satin beige hareems from new look that cost me about £25.
Great investment buy that i can wear casually for day time and max it up for night time.
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TTFN,Anne xx

Its all about the turban baby

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All credits are to LOOKBOOK.

this guy has got the tricky trend, spot on.

Mixing the turban with a light, cotton summer shorts and white ruffled top. giving it volume making it manly yet soft with the added touch of the ruffles and light colours.

This look trend is so hot right now and im glad people are putting it into their daily wear.

TTFN,Anne xx

Im so sorry

I really am sorry. i was meant to start my blog about my diet but i havnt im such a noob.

But all is well. i started my diet and gym. its proving difficult but im determined to get to my goal.
Il post pictures and info of my one week progress at the end of this week :)

I hope you forgive me :)

TTFN, Anne xx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

monday 13th kind 2010

I'm doing something out of the ordinary for myself next monday.

Not only will I be bloging about film, fashion,music and issues but il be posting daily pictures and updates of my goal to reach a size 10 by october.
I hope you stay tuned and see my progress In reaching my goal.

il do before and after picture to compare how much I'm loosing each week.

TTFN, Anne xx

Friday, 11 June 2010

K-Stews Dress at the MTV MOVIE AWARDS.

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Kristen Stewart out did her self this year compare to last years dress and sneakers.

Instead she opted for a sleep pony tale, futuristic cold and silver D&G dress with peep toe high heels.

This is why i love her. Her straight, hard expressions when shes out and about at premiers or press junkets are I think a result of being over whelming with screaming fans. Shes so awkward, so unpredictable, obliviousness to her great talent. Under that awkwardness and hardness lies a great artist

TTFN, Anne xx


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I am so excited for the release of the long awaited 'The Runaways' biopic. Cast include Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

The 1970s all female rock band. The hits 'cherry bomb' feature in the film. my all time favorite song.
The fashion in those days were amazing. So amazing that 70's fashion is being reworked this summer, with flowey jump suits, hardened with denim waist coats as fashioned my Cherie Currie. Shown on runways such as DVF and high street brands such as top shop, river island, oasis, warehouse and missselfidge.

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Leather is so in for 2010. Designers such as Hermes have designed not just leather pants, but jumpsuits to complete their collection on leather pieces.
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A lot of leather will be shown in the runaways biopic as the forever rock fashion icon Joan Jett sports her infamous red and black long leather jumpsuit.

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There is not certain release dates for the biopic for the UK yet, but I'll keep you all posted when i know.

TTFN,Anne xx

Peter Templeman

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So i read my friend Peter Templemans first draft of his script called 'Behind Faces'

It's about this girl, who has a crazy ass friend, the crazy ass friend dose something totally stupid to save her from this guy. Then they try to cover it up.

The cover it up, then she crazy ass friend takes the girl home, telling her to forget.
the friend gets caught by someone and the tables turn.

The main girl goes totally off the wall and does something that she shouldn't have done.......

My opinion on the script is it has a lot of potential.

Just with a little more direction in some places such as direction of emotions/physical adaptation needs to be added to give the atmosphere it needed.

I'll give a more in depth review on his final draft. I'm not totally sure if i was even allowed to tell you the story line or not but i gave a short description on what its about.

Hopefully he'll be filming soon.

I am Tilly, the main female lead. which will be fun amongst the other things I'll be doing... so watch this

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TTFN, Anne xx

Thursday, 10 June 2010

DVF resort collection 2011

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Love this collection.

Bright and colorful as always DVF.

Big bows, so now. The high street stores are already covering this accessory.
its already catching on in Ipswich and all around as i see teens wearing these on head bands, dresses, skirts, tops and cardies.

Last year it was flower head bands and bright exotic colors, with flowy dresses and tropical patterns.

The computerized print of colorful spots are minimalistic and so chic. The silhouette of the dress/jump suit is simple yet structured with the iconic sharp shoulders and the every flowing bottoms.

The black velvet dress shown, ruffles, bows and amazing texture. shows that DVF can do structured chic effortlessly. something different than bright, bold colors but still have the essence of summer.

Im happy that even tho DVF pieces are voluminous, bright and bold, with all the tropical patterns and the mixture of colors the line still has simple pieces like bright colored pants, staple white tees and overly long granny cardies.

DVF has given me inspiration to wear bright and colorful colors this summer, being it in a simple or bold silhouette

That was my opinion about the new DVF line

so yeah

TTFN, Anne xx

Oh what a night

So tonight i went for dinner with the lovely demiitea.

Mizu was so yum. cant go wrong with Japanese food. just hope i don't get food poisoning this time.

Talked about Foals of course.

Can not wait to see them in November, but i hope to be seeing them in July at the itunes festival.

I'll try my hardest to interview them this time, as i met them with Demi last time at the Cambridge junction.

Our 'The Hills' and 'The City' conversation tonight was indeed the best.
Cant go wrong with a bit of fashion, drama and gorgeous guys.

Later tonight I'm reviewing my good friend Peter Templeman's first ever script.
I'll write up about it as soon as i am finished.

The brief outline of the story is a girl who kills a guy and has to cover up her actions. Its intertwined with the growing up and trying to find herself.

Any ways I'll update soon. so keep tuned.

TTFN, Anne xx


So this is my first proper bog.

I will do my best to update as much as i can.

I'll be writing about film, fashion, music and issues and my every day life.

I'm hoping to do some street fashion in the Suffolk area, but mostly Ipswich.

Ipswich people if you see me around please come say hey and IL take a pic of your outfit, have a quick interview and I'll write about you on my blog.

I hope you enjoy my upcoming blogs and pictures!!!

TTFN, Anne xx